About Us

The Founder

Tina Goyal

Tina Goyal is an enthusiastic traveler and holds a postgraduate degree in finance and marketing.

She kept being inspired to think of doing something in the same field by her inner adventurer. She strives for perfection and thinks that integrity and innovation are the keys to achieving sustainability.

RhinoKraft was founded to offer dependable and sustainable adventure gear when she discovered a significant gap between what tourists anticipate and what they really encounter in the woods.

Who We Are

About Us

Rhinoceros from Kaziranga is a favorite animal of Tina (The Founder), hence the name RhinoKraft. The company is thereby marketing the one-horned rhinoceros found alone in Assam as a brand.

If people think that exotic animals can only be found in Australia and Africa, then they should go on a safari in Kaziranga. Because of its rich wildlife and foliage, it is sometimes referred to as the Serengeti of India.
That is how the name evolved.

In the year 2017, RhinoKraft was founded.

Tina Goyal enjoys travelling a lot. She first became aware that there was a significant disparity between the quality and quantity of the adventure equipment being given to passengers during her numerous camping and trekking excursions. The quality of these gears had a lot of room for improvement. This company was founded while keeping in mind the enormous need for these items.

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Why Us

This company was founded while keeping in mind the enormous need for these items.

The Approach

We came into existence to explore new heights. To never stop, overcome every challenge to seek higher peaks and reach new heights each day.


RhinoKraft believes to be establishing sustainability with innovation and integrity. At RhinoKraft we produce high quality outdoor adventure gear and strive to do so with sustainability and innovation.


To Provide the best Adventure gear for all Adventure Tour Enthusiast and Explorer, support outdoor adventure tourism movement in India.

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Why Choose Us

Core Strength


We at RhinoKraft believe in acting consistently in accordance with a set of high moral standards


Similarly, the most crucial aspect of who we are is the satisfaction of our customers.


Our purpose in being is to constantly explore, innovate, and never stop.


Rhinokraft's success can be attributed to its truly unique method of providing value.